As Professional Supervision is making an inroad in to the field of Mental Health practice, there is a need to ensure supervision is done with high standard which is comprehensive and which enables counsellors to be well guided and protected. This entails that practitioners are doing their practice with utmost integrity and high standard. It is with this broad objective that IAPS has formed an Ethic Committee.

The Ethics Committee Members are:

1. Dr. Vasuki Mathivanan
2. Dr. Keerthi Pai
3. Dr. Santhanam. T
4. Ms. Rajani Nandakumar

This committee will offer guidance in addressing ethical issues that arise in client care and facilitate sound decision making that respects clients’ safety, values, concerns, and interests.

This committee will also be helpful to the Professional Supervisors in addressing value conflict or uncertainty whenever it arises in their Supervisees.

Though Professional Supervision is not a mandatory practice in India, it is always advantageous to follow the practices of developed countries which are considered as essential in the field of Mental Health. In the Asia Pacific region also, Professional Supervision is now being identified as appropriate and necessary outside of the helping professions. To have a policy consistent with similar apex bodies like Australian Counselling Association, IAPS has published a booklet “IAPS Code of Ethics and Practice for Supervisors” for the Certified Supervisors/Members of IAPS.

This Ethics booklet is available with IAPS and can be purchased. Its price is Rs.150/-. Interested people can buy the booklet by writing to the IAPS office.