INDIAN ACADEMY OF PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISORS is an Association of accomplished mental health professionals who have established this organization with the laudable objective of evolving standards and enhancing competencies in professional supervision. These qualified professionals bring in a wealth of knowledge and experience to give the necessary impetus to the establishment of processes and practices for professional supervision in India. They also have plans to collaborate with other leading organizations with similar goals in the region that would embellish their experience and give tools that are not only contemporary but also practical for the community needing supervision in India.


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Professional Supervision for Mental Health Practitioners

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Dr.Vasuki Mathivanan Ph.D., is an accomplished Psychologist with over 2 decades of experience in the field of mental health. She has extensive experience in Training, Teaching, Counselling and Guidance, Clinical Supervision and Psychometric assessments.

After completing her Ph.D., from the University of Madras, she started her career as a freelance Psychologist in Chennai when the field of Mental Health was in its nascent stage. When the environment commenced recognizing the importance of the field of Mental health, she progressed to work with corporate clients and is presently a visiting consultant to many corporates in Chennai.

To channelize and consolidate her vast experience and to render a noble service to the society, she established “Explore Counselling”, an organization with the committed motto of “Hopeless to Hopeful”. Scores of people have benefitted working with this organization in managing their behavioral and mental health challenges.

Ever since her school days, she has been an outstanding student and has continued her abiding interest in education. She has received numerous awards and accolades for her outstanding work and contribution in the field of Mental Health.

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