A) Basic Qualification (mandatory)

  1. Masters Degree in Psychology / Psychiatry / Psychiatric Social Work
  2. The course must be from a recognized University in India or abroad
  3. The course could be Full-time or through Distance Education

B.   Professional Experience (mandatory)

  1. At least 7 years of counselling experience working with clients having emotional / psychological / marital or educational issues
  2. Candidates with substantial past experience as psychology or psychotherapy supervisor will be given preference. Those who are serving currently as psychology or psychotherapy supervisors will be given preference too. ( *pls note In such cases 7 years of experience is not mandatory).
  3. Relevant experience certificates from a reputed Psychologist or an academic Institution needs to be submitted for reference and records.

C) Personal Interview – in person or on Skype (mandatory)

  1. To understand the objective of the candidate to undergo this training.

D) Memberships (Optional)

  1. Associate members, professional members, Life members in National and International Psychology, Psychiatry Associations

E) Additional Qualifications (Optional)

  1. Phil in Applied Psychology / Clinical Psychology / Organizational Psychology / Social work / Psychiatric nursing /Psychiatric Social work
  2. Ph.D. from a reputed University in any of the subjects related to Psychology

NOTE: The number of seats available for any batch of training is minimal. The decision of the Executive Committee in the selection of candidates is final.