Membership Categories

Masters Degree in Psychology / Psychiatry / Psychiatric Social Work

Course must be from a recognized University in India or abroad

Course could be Full-time or through Distance Education

Professional Members category

  1. Basic qualification as mentioned
  2. Counsellors who have undergone “RISE UP” supervisory program and have the ‘Certificate of Attainment’ in Professional Supervision.

Associate Members category

  1. Basic qualification  as mentioned.
  2. Counsellors with at least 5 years of counselling experience working with clients having emotional / psychological / marital or educational issues.

Honorary Members category (nominated)

  1. Academicians in the field of Psychology like heads of Departments, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors etc.,
  2. Psychiatrists in Government hospitals and in private practice – in India and abroad
  3. Senior Psychologists in Government and in private practice – in India and abroad
  4. Any person of unique distinction or who has done outstanding and significant service to the association / society or persons of distinguished ranks or attainments.

The Executive committee reserves the right to admit or reject any application and their decision is final.