Professional supervision is the salient feature for successful psychological practice. Supervision aims to improve standard of services provided to clients by monitoring and guiding the supervisee (practicing professional) in issues related to professional, personal, ethical and legal. Supervised practice is essential for novice practitioners as it builds confidence in using Professional skills and provides more insight into issues like transference- counter transference etc. Supervision training is another important aspect for Senior mental health professionals in gaining excellence in their practice because it allows the professional to imbibe a standardised evidence based structure like RISEUP in Supervision.
The academy’s main objective is to create awareness on professional supervision among mental health practitioners and psychology students. The awareness program covers ethics and need for professional supervision in practice. It also tells about the traits of a good and effective practitioner. It gives an overview¬† of professional supervision, roles of the supervisor, aim of supervision, it’s objectives and benefits. Furthermore, the program gives inputs on unethical practice and the consequences of it. Through this awareness session, the academy sets premium standards in the field of psychology and promotes quality work from practitioners.
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